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Yipee! It’s here! I came straight home after dropping pink fish at school, and decided blue fish and I were staying put until Australia Post showed up! After looking out the front window about 1000 times, I finally saw the white van! So I raced outside, met the Aussie Post chick at her van (bet that doesn’t happen much!) and got blue fish out of bed so we could open it together (he wasn’t asleep yet and was very happy to be out of his bed!)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Romijade! She has sewn blue fish a gorgeous reversible cord and fleece scoodie (hood and scarf in one), fabulously detailed overalls (check out all the topstitching!) and printed a ‘cool’ (in blue fish’s words!) lion on a long sleeved shirt. How spoilt are we?! Thankyou so much Romijade, you really have done a fantastic job and we love all of it!

Now to some photos….





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Romijade – did you say you were a beginner – you’re kidding right??!!
The face says it all – I’ve not ever seen a little boy so pleased with his outfit!
The ears on the scoodie are adorable – might be adopting that Idea I think.
Great job.

Oh wow, I love this! I had never heard of a scoodie and now I want one!

Hehe, yeah *blush* hence why it was such a last minute thing, I’m just so relieved it made it to them on time.

twinklemoon – your lil boy is just the most gorgeous thing, i’m really happy I got to help make him smile 🙂 hehe

The ears were a fluke! I’d made a scoodie for my daughter before but had to just guess the size and shape of this one. Am proud to say I made it without a pattern, woohoo! The overalls were supposed to have these clips that you can adjust the straps with, but I got so carried away with making button holes that I did that instead! lol. Oops! And next time I’m def. gonna work out how to use twin needles, I’m sorry twinklemoon if some of them are a bit wonky!

I can’t believe you made the scoodie without a pattern! I think it’s my favourite thing you made us, we’re heading off to NZ to visit the rellies in June and it will come in very handy! The polar fleece is sooo soft and snuggly!
And you did all that topstitching without a twin needle?! Crazy! That must have taken you forever!
Thanks so much Romi, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into making blue fish an outfit, I think his smile says it all 🙂

Wow it all looks fantastic! I lover overalls and these are adorable – the lion is so very cool, and the scoodie is just fantastic. Another one here who’s never heard of these before, what a fantastic idea, Jai would love one….. might have to place an order with you 😉 Romi!

Wow! Romi, you have done a great job! I now want a scoodie… another thing for the to-do list!

Wow that is all so cute! I love the ears, and the printed tee. Well done Romi!!!!

Love it! A very lucky boy!
I’ve been following all Romi’s posts as she made this outfit and it is great to see the finished product and it has turned out so well!

Aww.. you girls are great!

You’ll have to let me know how it holds up in the wash etcetera. I finished all the seams, so there shouldn’t be any problems, but I just wanted to make sure.

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