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Yipee! It’s here! I came straight home after dropping pink fish at school, and decided blue fish and I were staying put until Australia Post showed up! After looking out the front window about 1000 times, I finally saw the white van! So I raced outside, met the Aussie Post chick at her van (bet that doesn’t happen much!) and got blue fish out of bed so we could open it together (he wasn’t asleep yet and was very happy to be out of his bed!)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Romijade! She has sewn blue fish a gorgeous reversible cord and fleece scoodie (hood and scarf in one), fabulously detailed overalls (check out all the topstitching!) and printed a ‘cool’ (in blue fish’s words!) lion on a long sleeved shirt. How spoilt are we?! Thankyou so much Romijade, you really have done a fantastic job and we love all of it!

Now to some photos….





ETA: The outfit I made has been received! Check out Susans blog to see her little boy wearing the clothes I made him.


It’s finally finished and on it’s way to it’s new owner! I’ve loved doing this clothing swap, and hope my partner likes the clothes I’ve made for her little boy 🙂clothing-swap-sneak-peek