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New fabric and help me choose which jacket!

Posted on: February 5, 2009


I received some lovely fabric mail last week from which I thought I’d show off! The 2 on the left are both fine cords, the pink will be a coat for pink fish for winter, and the red a skirt, next is a gorgeous matryoska border print I fell in love with and finally a little red riding hood canvas, don’t know what I’ll do with it but it’s too cute to leave!


Please give me your opinion for pink fish’s coat for winter. I thought I had decided on the coat on right ( Ottobre 6/08 ) but now that I’ve flicked through a few more issues of Ottobre I’m wondering about the one on the left ( Ottobre 4/06 ). So what do you think? Please tell!

which coat?


4 Responses to "New fabric and help me choose which jacket!"

Omigosh, I love the fabrics! They’re all really cute. I’ll be no help with your jacket dilemma, I think they’re both beautiful! You have to post some pics when you’re finished, can’t wait to see 🙂

Hi and welcome to the craft blogging world! They are both absolutely lovely, but I think the one on the left would be better for a child being more slim line and for a Queensland climate it looks a little less bulky.
I would love to make a winter caot for Ellyse this year, may just have to subscribe.

Ooooh, they are both adorable, but i agree with Andrea and vote for the one on the left. I adore the trench coat styles.

Welcome to the world of blogging – I look forward to seeing what you whip up.
My girls have a jacket like the one of the left and they (and I!) adore it. But I think the fabric you’ve shown would better suit the pattern on the left.
We have the one of the right made in a plain cotton and it’s really versatile.
I don’t think I have helped at all.

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